Saturday, June 26, 2010


Things that are horrible:

Mowing lawns for five hours
The smell of rotting grain
The smell of dead mice in crude oil
The heat of the Summer sun
When your left speaker won't work
When you want to write a story, but have no ideas
When you want to know what someone looks like, but they have no pictures on Facebook
When things are too loud
When there's no cake left
When you can't move the trampoline on your own
Moving week-old dead gophers out of your mowing path
When your iPod screen is really scratched up
When your hair is too long but you can't do anything about it
When your T.V. has been broken for a week and a half
Chapped lips
When your Bionicle just won't go together the way you want it to
Back pain
When you accidentally plunge your hand into an unknown wet substance
When you want to watch The Matrix, but your TV IS BROKEN.
Dry skin
Dr. Horrible
When there's empty pop cans all around you, but there's no full ones left
Smelly garbage
When people criticize you for walking slow
When your Popsicle breaks in half... the wrong way
When there's nowhere to throw your garbage
When you take a shower, then find out you have to mow lawns for five hours
When someone you really, REALLY dislike wants to come over to your house
When your Summer is so busy, you have almost no time to yourself
And when your favorite manga won't update!

It's just been one of those days...

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