Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey! Maya's home! Alright! Only thirty-some more days, now. I think I'll live.

Well, there goes my train of thought, as always.
So this manga, Gantz, is really freaking crazy. There's this guy, and he's all like "Black ball room, I remember!" And then this other guy's all like "Cannot tell him it's real, or my head will explode." And then he's all like, "I will kill everyone ever to get back into Gantz's room! Muahaha! Your girlfriend? DEAD! That psychic dude and his apprentice? DEAD! Every single pedestrian? DEAD!" It's really quite upsetting. All I can think is "Why?"

Anyways, yeah, so my thoughts are gone.

I need to do something...

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  1. Hooray! I'm in this post! Only 31 days! A month, and I'll be in Canada! I might die of excitement though... Also, Gantz sounds freaking... weird... Very... Interesting... ?