Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Social Class

Today, I am supposed to be doing online work for a newsletter worksheet type thing. I'll just copy it off Ethan; I don't care.

Bendos, who obviously won't be doing his work either is stumbling. And he skips over all the good things. It makes me mad. He's addicted.

Last night, I had a dream that I went to BlizzCon, and then I won a draw of theirs. They gave me every product they had ever made, and they also let me do a beta test of WoW for the PS3. I was ECSTATIC. It's too bad it wasn't real...

I really like that song. You may have it in your head now.

Why are my posts always so random and scattered?! I always have something to write, but when I reach, I always just... forget, you know?

So somebody (Morgan, I'm guessing) was playing "N" for a while with the sound blasting away. Very humorous, and I called out "Somebody's playing N..." It was a good time.

I have super chapped lips, and lost my hoodie. My life is not going well, what with this heavy emotional and physical pain. Screw you, Three Days' Grace - I'd rather feel nothing at all than pain. No matter how much you sing it.

So in computers class, I've been taking pictures of random things here and there. A few of them actually turned out kinda artsy. Here's one that's not bad.

It's not too bad.

I should write a story. I'm gonna get on that. I wrote a short beginning to one a while ago. It was about an immortal man in a world where everyone was dead. I could post that...

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