Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oh my goodness E3. Nintendo is absolutely dominating. What with the new Wii exclusives and all the crazy announcements for the 3DS, they are just blowing my mind. Head to to get all the facts. If you care.

Anyways, so there's this girl who's family is good friends with my family and she's been so obviously flirting with me... she knows I have a girlfriend, and she knows I have a long distance relationship going on, and I think she's gonna try and take advantage of that.
To be fair, I have kind of been "egging her on" per se, but it's really quite funny, to say the least.

(P.S. Jaymi, if you somehow manage to read this, it's, uh... not you, OK?)


  1. LOL! Ah, goodness, that conversation made me laugh when I read it. Keep me tuned in, alright? Oh, wow... This simply makes me laugh :)