Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have a question. Why does the media portray sports and athletics as the standpoint of being (un)successful? I mean, intelligence will, in fact, 95% of the time get you farther than athletics ever will. I understand that there are exceptions, but seriously. Get with it, guys.

So Chris has a new car, because his old one exploded. (No, it didn't literally explode) Anyways, he wants a name for it. The last one was Lightning, and it suited it perfectly. I'm thinking Jana, but that's just one name. I kinda like the cheesiness of "Hero"... Hmm... I'm gonna have to keep thinking of these... Hah, "Lolita." We could shorten it to "Loli" or "Lita" and I think that would be funny.

So I've been following Dragonball Kai. Yeah, I know I'm an otaku, but I don't care. It's a life I live, and I love it. Anyways, Dragonball is awesome. What with the fighting, and the sort of plot... It's kinda like retro goodness.

Speaking of retro goodness, EPIC MICKEY! And LOZ: Skyward Sword!

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