Friday, June 11, 2010

Success Two

A while back, I put a post that was titled "Success."
I cannot remember what it was about, so this is a second one... still not sure what it's about, yet.

Once again, I'm in French class. It's an inspirational place to write, I guess. Also, there's nothing better to do in here but watch Youtube and blog.

So for the past ten minutes, I've been watching this Super Mario 64 speedrun. It's freaking incredible. Like, wow.
Screw French, right?

So I learned a few things about some people I never had any idea about before, and I kinda feel more thankful and humble now. It's a good feeling.

If I were to make another story, what should it be about? Or if I were to continue my old story, that would work, too.

Well, class is ending, sorry this was such an awful post.

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