Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, today, I read a book based on Death Note, but it takes place four years before the Kira case. I finished it, and it was pretty good. Really makes me wanna get into mystery novels more. There's also this kid who I talked about Death Note with a lot - he would probably be the coolest kid I knew if he wasn't so very bad at hygiene and being kind and not annoying things like that. He pretty much relates to me in every way; in ethics, interests, and our taste in bad jokes.

Mostly, I just like his taste in anime and vidya games.

So, a commercial just told me I was a mistake. It hurt my feelings.

So I bought this manga book that covers the entire series of Samurai Champloo. As awesome as it is, I am now poor.

I feel like writing about my brain, and what it thinks about things.
I cannot think now that I am writing.

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